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Mokamvilias in Greece

Beautiful! I want to be here right now, instead of the cold, rainy Midwest.

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Don’t the 3 of you just want to be famous? Emma?

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Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2011

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single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive

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Fangirl Challenge[2/2] Casts: Harry Potter

“We bonded just like our characters. We all really like each other.”  - Daniel Radcliffe

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once i accidentally called 999 and my brother was shouting “im gonna kill you” at his video game in the background and to cut a long story short 20 minutes later 2 police officers showed up at my house to check out a potential murder and this is why i hate my life

I think it’s 911…

i think i live in england…

20 minutes. You would have been dead 10 times over in 20 minutes

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So I went to the markets today and saw this from a distance


and I was immediately like “OH GOD IT’S SO PRETTY I MUST OWN IT”

and then when I got closer




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Your Harry Potter Experience in one word.

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i’m like 97% sure i’d be the best girlfriend ever but no one will ever know

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